How To Easily Access Facebook In China

There is no any doubt that Facebook is among the most popular sites in the world right now. This social network site was in 2004 launched and now it has more than one billion users. A lot of people use Facebook on a day to day basis, and many firms use Facebook to easily promote their businesses as well as connect to their clients.

But, if you are a user in China, you’ll not be able to directly access facebook mobile in china. You won’t be able to just visit Facebook’s site by using a web browser or even access Facebook by using its official application on your mobile phone. Because of this, many visitors coming to China for the first-time were really surprised and also frustrated by the fact that they can’t use Facebook any longer as they do daily in their home countries.

So Why Can’t You Access Facebook In China?

One of the big problems travelers experience when visiting China are really the restrictions which the Chinese government puts on internet access. The reason for not accessing Facebook in China is the fact that it’s blocked by the Great Firewall of China (GFW) in this country, together with other popular sites such as Google, Gmail, Twitter and so on. China right now in terms of population is the world’s largest, so there is no any doubt that Facebook is really interested in entering the country to help expand its business. Actually, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, visited China in recent years for a number of times and he met personally with the president of China on some occasions. But, until now, there is still no any sign that Facebook will eventually be unblocked in China.

How To Access Facebook In China

Even though Facebook in China is blocked, you can access Facebook here in China using some special means, all of which has to do with bypassing this Great Firewall of China. Normally, the most popular means are: using a Proxy, using a VPN and also using TOR. But among these three means, using a VPN service is likely the most reliable option.

What Is Then This VPN?

VPN signifies Virtual Private Network. Normally, as you make use of a VPN to visit a site, you first connect to one more computer which is the VPN server, which then visits that site on your behalf and also passes its contents to you. All traffic due to this process will be encrypted. This manner, you “hide” the activity of your Internet from your ISP and therefore it can’t any longer block your connections to sites that would be blocked otherwise.

For you to use a Virtual Private Network to access Facebook in China, firstly, you have to sign up for a VPN service. There are a lot of VPN service providers that you can easily sign up with. But, you should remember that many VPN providers’ sites are blocked in China too. You have to get a VPN service that work properly in China. VPNs are usually not free, however some offer monthly plans as opposed to quarterly or yearly fee, that can be very helpful for travelers.

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